Voula Hawaii

Portrait in front of Waimea Canyon from our recent wedding trip to Kauai.

The first thing that you should probably know about me is that I don’t like talking about myself.  It’s never been a strength of mine to want to get up in front of people and talk about myself.  I would much rather hear the stories other people have to tell about themselves.  I have always been fascinated with learning about people and their personal stories.  I think that’s why wedding photography felt natural to me.

Since I was a mini Voula, I always had the need to create something.  Whether it was putting together scraps of wood left over from my Dad’s carpentry projects, to designing my own board games when I got bored with the store bought ones.  To teaching myself to draw by finding pictures of my favorite cartoon characters and trying to replicate them.  I always had my hands on something.

The need to create carried me all the way to Baltimore where I attended the Maryland Institute College of Art and decided to pursue sculpture.  It wasn’t until halfway through art school when I found myself in need of a way to document my sculptures that I picked up a camera.  From that day forward I was in love.  I took as many classes as I could (even during the summer!) that involved photography.   What I grew to love about photography was not only did it fulfill my need to create, but it also allowed me to document, and to tell stories.

Four years ago, I decided that wedding photography was the direction I wanted to go.  It’s the perfect match for my need to create and my fascination with storytelling.  After all, your wedding day isn’t just a day, it’s the story of you and your Fiancé and the journey that got you to that moment, the story of you as a couple.  When your  wedding day has come to an end, the album of your images that were captured that day, your first heirloom created with your new family, will tell your story to your children and generations to come.


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